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Fiscal Responsibility

The balance between government spending, taxation, and restraint is lopsided. State and
local governments are spending unprecedented sums of money without any restraint.
When in doubt, our governments raise taxes and/or raise user fees squeezing our middle
and working class residents


Government Accountability

New Jersey residents should question their elected officials about higher taxes, lacking
quality of life, and significant government dysfunction.


Quality of Life

New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the country with a significant need for
clean water, beautiful public spaces, and responsive government services. As we
continue to recover from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic and change how we work
we should demand a fresh approach to how public funds are used to improve our quality
of life.



Communicate Ideas

We will use social media, physical outreach, and traditional forms of communication to raise new ideas, encourage residents to question their elected officials, and pursue thoughtful solutions to our problems.

Engage the Community

We will organize the diverse constituency groups across our state to learn how government can improve. We will speak with parents of school-age children, seniors, working class residents, and community leaders to find the community’s pulse.

Writing on Glass
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